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To enter in the New World, I chose to create a new workshop in order to help you to transform your life and reality by building your future in consciousness. I’m happy to offer you this year, *Experiencing the Future*, a face-to-face or distance learning course based on the Grabovoï Teachings, but not only!

It is about understanding the quantum functioning of Time, which is not linear as we are accustomed to believe. In fact, our personal or collective future is already here, even if we can still modify it.

This course was inspired by the studies of physicist Philippe Guillemant, a researcher at the CNRS, who helped me improve my understanding of Grabovoï on the nature of time, flexible and extensible .

My goal is to make this new understanding accessible to all, so that everyone can lead their future in complete freedom and in the awareness of being connected to All That Is.

To understand the future is, for instance, to apprehend the double causality which reveals that our present is nourished as much by our future as by our past! This Experience of the Future will allow you to develop new habits of thought in order to regain your power over the flow of your life, in accordance with the wishes of your soul and by developing love for all others.

Happy and harmonious eternal life to you, open your eyes, mirrors of your Soul, so that your unique Light may shine in Eternity,


Experiment Your Future with Grabovoi Futuristic Technologies,

Learn how to observe the Tracks of your Future

by following the "Road of Time",

A method to build your Future harmoniously

and aligned with your soul’s Wishes....

8 courses online of 1h30 each,

Masterclass package 12h / 8 lessons

Experiencing the Future, 8 lessons package*You can pay in EUR, USD, CAD, DKK

Experiencing the future 8 lessons (12h of videos) IN ENGLISH

Experimentar el Futuro, 8 cursos EN ESPANOL


148 EUR (real price 288E ! )              or 174 USD




Pay in CAD (220 CAD)

Pay in DKK (1100 DKK)

Please fill in the form ! Thank You !


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Detailed program:

Course n°1 The Theory of Double Causality

Introduction of the Theory of Double Causality

(The Future, as well as the Past, are creating the Present)

1 / The Liquid Nature of Time

1.1. Unified Time does not exist

1.2. Remember the variability of Time

1.3. Observe the Time Flowing in Space

1.4 Observe the reverse flow of Time

1.5. Digital Series to release limiting beliefs

1.6. Visualize the Future flowing to the Present

1.7. The very principle of PRK1U

2 / The Making of Events and Time

2.1. See the fabrication of past events

2.2 When the future replaces chance

2.3. Distinguish Stationary Events and Dynamic Events

2.4. "Pick up the Eggs", collect the events

2.5. The mechanism of the Second Causality

Course n°2 Observing the Traces of the Future

1 / The Future, see it, seek it or create it?

1.1. See the future Grabovoi and Predictive Clairvoyance

1.2. Seeking Traces of the Future (Guillemant)

1.3. Create Memories of the FutureBuilding our Physical Body in the FutureUnderstanding Piloting by the Event Horizon

2 / The Characteristics of Time

2.1. The Law of Convergence of the Parties: the Order of Time

2.2. The Crack of Time: Broken Time

2.3 The Wheel of Time: Circular TimeRejuvenation Technologies

Course n°3 Let the flow of information flow from Time

1 / Connection to the Information Flow, access to Temporal Information

11 The intention deposit in the future

12 Intention & dialogue with the future

From desire to the wishes of the soul

13 Connect to Information Digital Series, Clairvoyance

Dialogue with our Future Self

2 / The attitude to See the future flowing towards us

21 Letting go, letting go, detachment and observation

22 Faith and Belief

23 Living at Soul level

Develop a synchronization system for the 4 structures


Extracts from studied books:

Methods of Formation of a Dynamic element of Reality,by G. Grabovoï (2001)

The Control of Time, by G. Grabovoï (2004)

The Road of Time, by Philippe Guillemant (2014)

The Wheel of Eternal Youth, by G. Grabovoï ( 2015)